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Florida Social Security Disability Attorney

Representing Florida Social Security Disability Clients

In today's productive, ambitious and abundant society, no one wants to experience a physical or psychological impairment which renders them incapable of doing work suitable to their education level, experience, or age. A disability can create a great deal of emotional stress and can be financially disastrous for the victim and the victim's family. Someone who experiences this type of misfortune needs help to pay their bills, receive adequate medical care, and feed their family. The attorneys of Hutchinson Law understand what a difficult situation this may be for you, and know how to get results in claims for Social Security Disability Insurance.

If your disability is expected to last for a year or more or to result in death, you most likely meet the requirements for Social Security Disability Eligibility. This could make all the difference for you in being able to meet your necessary living expenses in the aftermath of an injury or illness, but—make no mistake—filing for disability benefits can be highly challenging. In fact, approximately two thirds of people who apply to the Social Security Administration experience the frustration of a disability denial. There is even a widespread misconception that everyone who applies is refused benefits on the first application—this is not true, but it is a good reflection of how difficult it can be to achieve a successful outcome.

Claiming Benefits from the Social Security Administration

The Social Security Administration offers a variety of financial benefits to disabled benefits, two of the most widespread of which are Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI):

  • SSDI pays benefits to you and certain members of your family if you have worked long enough, and paid the Social Security taxes which fund this program. A person who is eligible to receive SSDI will automatically be enrolled in Medicare after receiving 24 months of benefits.
  • SSI pays benefits—whether or not you have ever worked—based upon financial need. It is funded by general tax revenues, rather than by Social Security taxes, and is a Federal income supplement program. A person who is eligible to receive SSI automatically qualifies for Medicare with no waiting period.

Contact us today for an initial consultation to review your situation and to learn which program is best suited for your needs, or whether you may be eligible to claim both types of benefit. These programs have a decades-long history in our country, and provide citizens of Florida with a social safety net in the event of a disastrous accident or medical condition, as well as in cases of severe financial hardship. More than 2 million people apply for Social Security every year, and countless applications are erroneously denied—it is in your best interests to retain legal representation from the beginning of the process to maximize your chances of a successful claim.

How an Attorney from Our Firm Can Help

When you involve an attorney from our team in your claim for SSDI, SSI or Medicare & Medicaid, we will assist you with every aspect of the situation, from preparing your application with the necessary medical documentation of your disability or medical condition, to educating you about Social Security Disability costs, appealing a denied claim and doing everything in our power to help you with collecting disability payments, even claiming back pay for benefits you should have received between the date when you submitted your claim and when it was finally approved. We have extensive resources at our disposal, and will pursue your claim with dedication to achieving the results you deserve.

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